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Konwerter HDMI 1080i światłowodowy


Konwerter światłowodowy HDMI 1080i, 1x HDMI +data RS485, SM 20km LC/SX, SEiT

Video Konwerter 1xHDMI po światłowodzie





  • 1 video of HDMI can be transmitted via 1 single fiber
  • It has a small attenuation, frequency bandwidth, strong interference resistance, high safety performance.
  • Out wavelength range is 1310nm,1550nm
  • Automotic cable equalization, used for all rate below 3.2 Gb/s(Belden 1694A)
  • LED status indication to monitor the working conditions.
  • video transmission system can support many application branches structure (reverse data will be failed)
  • Support video regenerator
  • Support SFP transceiver hot-plugged
  • The HDMI high-definition video format support: 1080i@1920 x 1080 60Hz
  • Comply with HDMI 1.3 and its downward compatibility standard


Video indicators

Video interface                               HDMI A Type

HDMI version                               1.0~1.2a, 1.3

Video input/outpit signal amplitude              Typical: 1Vpp;Max: 2Vpp;Min: 0.5Vpp

TDMS maximum bandwidth                    10.2Gbit/s

Maximum color depth(bit/px)                   24bit/px 

Differential gain (10%-90%APL )                DG  <1% (typical value)

Differential phase (10%-90%APL)               DP  <0.7º (typical value)   

Video HDMI standard                        
1080i 23/24/30/50/59.94Hz,




Data indicators

Physical interface                             Industrial standard screw terminal

Data type                                   RS485

Frequency/Rate support                        0~400K bps

BER                                       <10Ż9




General indicators

Working  temperature                          -40ºC~ +85ºC

Working  Humidity                            0~95%

Working  Voltage                              DC 5V/2A

MTBF                                        ≥100000 hours


Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System.

Security system

School networking

Industrial monitoring(Electricity,Chemistry,Steel,Oil,Railway & etc)

Military Monitoring(Warehouse,Border,Guards,etc.

TV programme transmission system.

Stadium(For LIVE HD video,audio transmission)


  1. DC 5V/2A
  2. Power supply ripple less than 100mV
  3. The selected power supply unit should fit for the environment.


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